Dental implants in Essex: treatment options for nervous dental patients

Dental implants are an increasingly popular method of replacing missing teeth, and at Dental Beauty Benfleet in Essex we offer implant treatment to restore both natural action and appearance to your jaw, with a more long-term solution than traditional false teeth.

dental-implants-in-north-londonHowever, at our Essex clinic we understand how dental phobia and anxiety can be a significant barrier to treatment, which is ironic as nervous dental patients are more likely to need tooth replacement if their fear has led them to avoid visiting the dentist for many years, until it is too late.

This is where we can help. The principal dentist at our Essex clinic is Dental Phobia certified, which means he is recognised for his extensive work with and caring nature towards nervous dental patients. Whether you require one or more teeth replaced by dental implants, or you need a root canal, crown, or simply some fillings to stop you losing your teeth in the first place, the team at our Essex practice can help.

Dental implants in Essex for nervous dental patients

Tooth loss is very common and not just limited to the older generation. It can be caused by gum disease, tooth decay, accidents, or injuries. At Dental Beauty Benfleet in Essex we will never be judgemental of patients with less than perfect oral health – we understand and empathise with nervous dental patients, whose symptoms may range from mild anxiety to full-blown panic attacks.

All our team wants to do is to help you back to health, and if you have lost teeth then dental implants in Essex may be the perfect solution. Their placement requires minor oral surgery, but this can be carried out under conscious sedation, meaning that not only will you feel no pain during placement, your anxiety will also be greatly reduced.

After dental implants are placed in the jaw, they will start to integrate with the bone. Your dentist may fit temporary teeth during this time.

When healing is complete, you will be called back to our Essex clinic to have your permanent new teeth – a crown, a bridge, or dentures – attached to your dental implants, enabling you to enjoy a second chance at a happy, healthy mouth.

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