Helping nervous dental patients in Essex

Nervous dental patients deserve a healthy, happy smile, just like anyone else. That’s what we believe at Dental Beauty Benfleet in Essex, so if you are anxious, nervous, or even phobic about receiving dental treatment, we urge you to get in touch with us to find out how we can help get you back to full oral health.

nervous-dental-patientsIt’s easy to feel out on your own if you are a nervous dental patient. However, approximately one in ten people is so scared of the dentist that they simply fail to go to routine appointments. Over time, their oral health worsens, and they may live with discomfort or even pain for months or years before an emergency finally forces them to seek treatment.

This can serve to make matters worse, because by the time an emergency occurs they are likely to need extensive and often invasive treatment. This could easily have been avoided if they had kept up routine dental appointments, or even if they had presented to a surgery as soon as a tooth ache, swelling, or other problem arose.

Dr Ricky Adams, principal dentist at our Essex practice, is Dental Phobia certified, which means he is officially recognised for his caring and compassionate nature towards nervous dental patients. You can view his certification on the Dental Phobia website.

There are numerous reasons that people give for being nervous dental patients. It could be a bad experience in childhood, or a specific trigger – perhaps the sound of the drill, the sight of a needle, even the sounds and smells of a practice environment. Other people worry about potential treatment they might need, or fear being judged because their teeth and gums have fallen into poor condition.

At our Essex clinic we will never judge you. All we want to do is to get you back to full health.

There are a number of options available at our Essex practice for nervous dental patients. These include using hypnotherapy, being able to listen to music or watch films during some treatments, and conscious sedation, which brings on a feeling of deep peace.

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