Invisalign Case Studies

Case 1 anterior spaces and cosmetic bonding

These are 2 great cases we’ve recently completed using a combination of teeth whitening, Invisalign and cosmetic bonding to create the perfect smile. Our patients have been kind enough to share their pictures and journey with us so that we can show you just how we can transform a smile J.

Case 1


This patient was unhappy with the gaps around all the anterior teeth. We started this case with Invisalign, and as you can see from the Invisalign digital treatment plan, there was a really great improvement in closing the gaps. Once we finished the Invisalign treatment we decided to do a small amount of cosmetic bonding just to completely close any remaining gaps and slightly change the shape of the teeth for a more pleasing aesthetic result! As you can see a truly amazing result!

Case 2

invisalign 2

This patient has what is called ‘peg shaped lateral’, this is quite common, in fact these 2 teeth (the lateral incisors) either side of the two front teeth are the most commonly either missing or misshaped teeth.

We decided with the patient to use Invisalign in order to create more space so that we could build up the teeth to a better size, shape and proportion. Here we used a combination of in-surgery and home whitening to get the best results fastest .

Invisaligns digital treatment plan is great for planning cases like this as we can be very specific with exactly how much room we want to create around each tooth. From here its just a case of getting the right colour and creating the perfect smile.

The really nice thing about both these cases is that with composite bonding we’ve been really conservative with the teeth and haven’t had to cut back that precious tooth tissue, because of this, no aesthetic is need at all and the patient can have their new smile in just one visit !!!

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