Nervous dental patient? Dental Beauty Benfleet can help

Modern dentistry means that nervous dental patients no longer have to be prevented from getting much-needed treatment because of anxiety, fear, or phobia. At Dental Beauty Benfleet in Essex, our principal dentist Dr Ricky Adams is Dental Phobia certified, and we offer a number of ways to help nervous patients back to full oral health.

nervous-dental-patientsIt’s not uncommon to be scared of the dentist. Approximately one in ten UK adults identifies as a nervous dental patient to the extent that they put of routine treatment, only being driven into a practice when an emergency arises.

Nervous dental patients cite numerous reasons for their fear. It could be a bad experience during childhood, or a specific trigger such as a needle or drill. Many people who haven’t had treatment in many years fear that the dentist will judge them for having teeth and gums in less than perfect condition.

At our Essex clinic, you need not fear being judged. We know this is counter-productive – instead, we will find a way of working with each of our nervous dental patients as an individual, helping them to get the necessary treatment to return them to oral health and, if they want, also helping them to achieve the smile of their dreams that they may currently think is beyond their reach.

Essex options for nervous dental patients

When you come into our Essex clinic for a consultation as a nervous dental patient, we will take the time to talk through your fears. If you have a specific trigger for your anxiety – the sound of the dentist’s drill, for example – please tell us, and we will find a way to work round this. Even if you don’t know the exact cause of your fear, the team at our Essex clinic can still help.

Often, patients benefit from using in-chair entertainment (listening to the radio or their favourite podcast, or watching a film) during treatment. Some nervous dental patients find hypnosis very beneficial, because it gives them coping techniques they can use in the future.

Dental sedation is also a popular option. We offer oral and IV sedation.

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