Nervous dental patients: how to get back to oral health

Approximately one in ten adults in the UK is classed as a nervous dental patient. Dental Beauty Benfleet in Essex offers a range of treatment options specifically designed for those who are scared of the dentist, designed to help you get back to full oral health, and enabling you to achieve the dream smile you may currently think is impossible to reach.

nervous-dental-patientsAt our Essex clinic we take the concerns of nervous dental patients seriously. There is no point in being either judgemental or patronising; this will have a negative effect on nervous dental patients and can convince them that their fears were well-founded. After having emergency or essential treatment, you could hardly blame them for fleeing the practice never to be seen again.

Instead, we are committed to treating all of our patients with the highest degree of understanding at our Essex clinic. The whole team is committed to working with nervous dental patients to find the perfect pathway back to health.

The perfect solution will be different for every patient. It may take time to find the ideal answer to quell your fears, but the team at Dental Beauty Benfleet in Essex will support you at every stage and will help to find your ideal route to successful treatment.

A good way to begin is to have an informal chat, away from the dentist’s chair, in a relaxed and friendly environment. Many nervous dental patients haven’t had treatment for decades, and are pleasantly surprised at how much things have changed and improved.

If you know the cause of your fear, we may be able to help you overcome it; but even if you don’t know exactly what triggers your anxiety, our Essex team can help you.

In-chair entertainment – watching a film, listening to the radio or a favourite band – can help some people to relax enough to take their mind off treatment. For more serious cases of anxiety, we offer hypnotherapy from a fully qualified dental hypnotist.

Conscious sedation is an excellent option for phobic and seriously nervous dental patients. You will feel nothing but relaxation and peace for the duration of treatment.

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