Replacement teeth with a natural look and feel

At Dental Beauty Benfleet in Essex, dental implants are a clinically-proven way of bringing confidence and stability back to your teeth. They look as good as they feel, they’re easy to clean, and they help maintain the overall health of your jawbone.

Adaptable and durable

You might have one or two gaps in your smile which you don’t like to look at, or over time you might have lost quite a few teeth, making chewing and biting difficult. Whatever the extent of your tooth loss, you are at risk of poor oral hygiene and a weakened jawbone. The safe and stable solution of dental implants in Essex is delivered by Dental Beauty Benfleet in two stages:

1) Small titanium tubes are fitted into the jaw, in the gaps left by the missing teeth;

2) Crowns, bridges, or dentures are fixed onto the titanium, creating a long-lasting and reliable replacement.

Dental Implants in EssexHealth benefits

Understandably, nervous dental patients sometimes wonder how much better these implants are than normal, removable dentures. But this advance in modern dentistry has clear advantages.

Dental implants prevent bone loss. This is because the jawbone is stimulated to grow around the small metal posts, as if they were the roots of the missing teeth.

The natural appearance of the face is maintained. The ‘sunken’ look often associated with people who wear removable dentures is avoided because the jawbone structure retains its natural shape.

You can eat with confidence. Instead of having to cautiously opt for soft or mushy foods in Essex, dental implants provide the structural durability you need to enjoy your natural range of foods.

What’s the procedure?

The process begins with an in-depth assessment of your teeth. Dental implants can only be fitted when you have good overall oral health, so it may be that you undertake a short course of treatments to resolve any underlying dental health issues. We’ll then explain exactly what the process of fitting your customised implants will involve, including the appropriate level of sedation. Dental professionals will be available to answer your questions at every stage of this dependable, natural-feeling solution.

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