Tips for nervous patients visiting our dentist in Benfleet

Visiting the dentist for most patients is a fairly normal part of their routine that doesn’t involve a second thought. But, there are a number of people that are still nervous about stopping by a practice for an appointment as dentophobia, ‘fear of the dentist’,  is a pretty common phobia and sadly it can often put patients off from making an appointment as the anxiety kicks in. In these modern times however that should no longer be the case, as dentists are now very aware and sympathetic to these concerns.


With that in mind, here are a few tips our team has come up with for patients that may be feeling a little nervous about their visit to our dentist in Benfleet.

Talk to the team about your concerns

Perhaps the most vitally important tip we can give you is to just take some time to talk to our team. We are more than happy to take things at your pace and our trained professionals can help you feel a little more confident about your impending treatments.

Having a chat also allows you to learn more about the procedure, for instance what’s involved, whether there’s going to be any discomfort and what you can generally expect during the process. Plus it allows you to come up with a way of letting the team know when you need a break. At Dental Beauty Benfleet our team will strive to provide you with a calm and relaxing environment whilst you undergo any treatments and we have a range of relaxation options to fit a variety of needs.

If talking to others is something that can also make you feel nervous then setting up something as simple as a hand gesture for a short pause is also acceptable. Unfortunately our team are not mind readers, so it’s down to you to let us know when to stop.

Listen to some relaxing music

The whirr of drills and general noise of a busy practice can be quite overwhelming for nervous patients, so what better way to shut out everything than by listening to some of your favourite tracks. Getting completely lost in the music of a song can make a lengthy treatment fly by and make it seem like only minutes have passed.

When choosing your tracks we recommend that you stick to something gentle and relaxing, avoid any thumping bass lines or heavy metal as this will just get your heart racing, which in turn can make you feel more nervous.

Bring someone with you

If you are struggling to stay calm ahead of your visit to our dentist in Benfleet, then you can also talk to our team about bringing someone in with you when you stop by the practice. Having a familiar face can help anxious patients focus and stay more relaxed in a room filled essentially with strangers.

Discuss further relaxation options with your dentist

One last possibility worth considering is to talk to our team about our hypnosis or sedation options during your treatment, to help you stay relaxed and calm.

These are just a few things you can try should those feelings of anxiety start to take hold of you before or during your next appointment, to make things a little easier for yourself.

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