Understanding when to call upon your trusted emergency dentist

Protecting your smile

At Dental Beauty Benfleet, our emergency dentist in Benfleet has dedicated themselves to restoring the smiles of those in need as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Dental emergencies – such as lost or chipped teeth – are never easy, and can often have traumatic repercussions. However, the sooner you seek out help from our expert emergency dentist, the higher the likelihood is that they can re-insert the tooth (if lost completely) or fixed the same day.

Recognising a dental emergency

While dental trauma is certainly one of the most dramatic – and easy to spot – dental emergencies, it is not the only telltale sign that a visit to our emergency dentist in Benfleet is called for. There are, in fact, several other dental indicators that something is wrong which our patients should be aware of in order to act accordingly.

One such indicator is a severe or sudden toothache. While toothache, in general, is usually something that can be treated with over-the-counter medicines, if the pain onsets suddenly and gets worse over time rather than better, you should make an appointment with your emergency dentist in Benfleet as soon as possible.

Another sign that a visit to our emergency dentist is needed is facial swelling. If you notice swelling along your jawline as well as red or inflamed gums, it may indicate a dental abscess or infection. If this is not addressed as quickly as possible by an expert emergency dentist then it could continue to spread and cause further damage.

What can an emergency dentist do?

Thankfully, although any of the above situations can be incredibly stressful and testing they are all perfectly solvable by our highly trained emergency dental experts. Given the nature of what an emergency dentist does, no two treatments are ever identical.

Over their years of service to the local Benfleet area and beyond however our emergency dental team have seen teeth in every state imaginable – and always done their absolute best to restore them and give the patient something to smile about.

What happens at an emergency dental appointment?

Again, given the nature of the treatments that our emergency dentist provides, treatments are rarely the same twice. That being said, there are certain processes that will be carried out depending on the severity and specifics of the emergency.

Firstly, if a tooth has been lost or chipped (which is one of the most common dental emergencies we treat) our dental practitioners will conduct a thorough examination of the damaged area – which may involve taking x-rays to establish how much treatment is called for. Then, if the patient is in severe pain, they will then administer a localised anesthetic to make the patient more comfortable. Following this, the emergency dentist will then sterilise the damaged or affected area to remove any foreign particles or dirt.

Once the area is clean the dentist will begin treatment, which may involve reinserting the lost tooth (if possible) either temporarily or permanently. In instances where the tooth is damaged beyond repair, the dentist may then carry out an extraction or discuss this further with the patient.

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