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If you have lost or are losing teeth, you need to replace them as soon as possible in order to ensure the health of your jawbone. But, if you are also a nervous dental patient, you may think that getting dental implants in Essex will be too traumatic to even contemplate.

At Dental Beauty Benfleet, we take pride in the way we help people who are scared of the dentist to get dental implants in Essex. This is one of our flagship treatments and we make sure that everything is done to make dental implant surgery as relaxing as possible to have done.

Dental Implants in EssexPutting you at ease

We understand dental phobia and are happy to spend time working at a pace that you can cope with.

Unfortunately having dental implants cannot avoid the use of drills, as we have to make holes in your jawbone in which to insert the implants, which act as replacement tooth roots.

This sounds terribly painful, but in fact, it is less so than having work done on the teeth because there are far fewer nerve endings in the jawbone than in the teeth.

It is well worth getting dental implants because they are the only method of tooth replacement that can give you back full functionality of your teeth. And, although the idea of going through implant surgery may seem beyond you, we do our utmost to make you comfortable. What’s more, once the implants are in, provided you stick to a good oral healthcare routine, they should never need replacing.

Far better that you come in and have one our methods of sedation, than you settle for a less traumatic but also less efficient and less durable form of tooth replacement, or even none at all.

When you come to us for dental implants in Essex, we can offer you either oral or intravenous sedation.

Oral sedation involves taking a tablet about an hour before surgery. You will be deeply relaxed throughout, but still able to respond. Intravenous sedation is immediate but requires a needle into the back of the hand. Why not come and talk to us to find out more?

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