When to call the emergency dentist in Benfleet

An intolerable toothache should be seen by an emergency dentist in Benfleet urgently. This type of pain may be a symptom of a severe dental issue that could cost you your teeth in the long run.


Our experienced dental team at Dental Beauty Benfleet prioritise patients facing extreme cases and will serve you in a friendly, calm, and professional manner to help ease your anxiety.

Why choose us?

Our dental practitioner is trained for emergencies. We have seen people from all walks of life and will know how to handle your issue best.

Additionally, we are open until 8pm on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, until 6pm on other weekdays.  We also see patients on Saturdays. We will do our best to attend to your ailment in an expedient fashion.

If your emergency occurs after hours; phone our hotline and follow the instructions we give you. You may find that your issue is not as severe as you may think, in which case you can book an appointment with us for another time.

If you cannot wait, you have the option of visiting your local hospital dentist for medication to ease your pain and discomfort until you can see us for a thorough examination.

What constitutes an emergency?

It can sometimes be tricky to classify a dental emergency because the situation is not generally life threatening.

That said, you could face severe repercussions if you shrug off an injury or illness that could adversely affect your lifestyle.

For example, you will need to see an emergency dentist in Benfleet within the hour if you knock out your tooth. Time is of the essence in this scenario if you wish to re-plant the tooth.

On the other hand, a chipped tooth is not usually classified as an emergency unless accompanied by pain, which could point to a fracture. A fracture could point to injury inside the tooth, where the pulp is damaged and will require a visit to the emergency dentist in Benfleet.

Other pressing issues that demand your immediate attention include pain that occurs suddenly, and could be a symptom of something more serious, such as an abscess.

What do you do in the above scenarios?

If you are suffering from a mouth injury, there are some things you can do before your local dentist sees you.

If your tooth is knocked out, it’s essential to keep it moist and clean. Hold the tooth with the roots facing up and place it in milk or a saline solution – do not use water as this dries out the roots. If it is possible, reposition the tooth back into the socket.

If your tooth is cracked, fractured, or causes you pain, washing out your mouth with warm water may ease your symptoms and will clean the area to prevent it from becoming infected. Press a cold compress against your cheek if your face begins to swell.

How can you prevent dental emergencies?

Dental trauma is frequently unpredictable but can be avoided by wearing a mouthguard when you play sports, thus preventing a hard impact on your mouth.

Other ways to avoid injury is avoiding hard and chewy food, such as popcorn, hard candy, or ice – all of which can crack teeth.

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