Why you shouldn’t be afraid of dental implants in Essex

In recent years, sedation has become less of an exception, and more of a rule when it comes to more complicated dental treatments such as dental implants. Patients’ requests influenced this development in our practice more than anything else, since patient comfort is highly valued by most dentists.

At Dental Beauty Benfleet, we appreciate that the thought of implant surgery can distress many patients. For this reason, we offer a variety of sedation options for you to choose from. Above all, your comfort, health and safety are our primary concerns when we recommend a sedation method. Restoring your smile to its natural beauty with dental implants in Essex has never been more comfortable.

Dental Implants in EssexOral sedation

Oral sedation does not require special preparation. Patients get one or two sedative pills one hour before the operation, helping them relax both physically and psychologically. With oral sedation, the patient may be sleepy but can be roused if necessary, and can respond to simple commands. Please be aware that you will need assistance to get home after the end of the operation.

IV sedation

This type of sedation involves medication that is inserted directly into your bloodstream for fast-acting relaxation. IV sedation is more profound than oral sedation in that our medical team has more control over the depth of sedation delivered. Moreover, it tends to work more quickly, as the medication enters directly into a vein.

With IV sedation, your level of comfort can easily be adjusted and you may well sleep throughout the treatment. After the operation, you may not remember much about the procedure. As with oral sedation, you will need assistance to get home. Patients may also need to stay for a short observation after the operation has been completed.

Not to be taken lightly

Oral and IV sedation are safe – but as with any medicine, there are risk factors. To ensure your safety, sedation should only be administered by those with suitable training. Your dentist will consider your health background when choosing the best sedation option for you.

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